Ontarians want more choice.
Ontario businesses need support.

Allowing responsible beverage alcohol sales in Ontario convenience stores supports small businesses, keeps a promise, and provides Ontarians the convenience they want.

Support local businesses.

Support local jobs.

Support local products.

Convenience stores are in every community across Ontario. They have a proven track record for being safe and responsible retailers.

Supporting Small Businesses

COVID-19 has affected all of us, especially small business owners. Convenience stores have been there for us during these difficult times and the road to recovery is ensuring we are supporting our local stores.


Ontarians Want Expanding beverage alcohol sales to convenience stores will support the industry’s efforts to recover from this pandemic, while also fulfilling a promise that was made by the Ontario PCs to modernize alcohol sales and expand to convenience stores.

Local Businesses need it. Consumers want it. Government promised it.
We're ready.


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Our organizations represent small businesses across Ontario that employ nearly 75,000 people with local jobs that serve communities.